• Automatic Cement Blocks Factory
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  • 1/544 bawsher, Muscat, Oman


We have 10+ years of experience, you can trust Hassan for Business Development.

Our company is specialized as one of the lead building block manufacturer. The company was renowned for its purchase of ‘ Lorev 1020A Lunga which is Italian made and it’s daily capacity is More than 20000 blocks’. We manufacture good and high quality concrete blocks.

Concrete Block Quality:

We are committed in the construction services of consistent quality that comply fully with the company, statutory requirements and in our client’s documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, and time compliance. We are dedicated in the continuous review, development and improvement of all aspects of its business, in particular. The development and improvement of the company’s construction services is in line with client’s needs and expectations.

We strive to develop an efficient and effective quality system and adhere to generally accepted best practices in the management of construction projects; we have a system which not only ensures the consistency of our construction quality but also priorities evolution, training and development of our employees in order to meet the client’s expectation.